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ADVICE PLEASE!!! 10 dpo BFN..Ovulated Early.. TONS of Preg Symptoms

Ok, last month I was 6 days late. Then AF came and went. Had sex on the 24th and ovulated on the 25th. I ovulated earlier than I normally do, but I had an absolute TON of stretchy discharge that day (clear with a little pink tinge).. Now I am having or have had several pregnancy symptoms including the following:

slight cramping (way before AF cramps should be here)
back cramping
soooo hungry
muscle aches & SO EXHAUSTED yesterday (which was 10 dpo). I took a nap which I NEVER do
irritable, but happy ???
boobs are sensitive
clothes feel tighter

Still shouldn't start for 8 more days, although I am now 11 dpo
So here's the question...I tested yesterday at 10 dpo and got a BFN. do you think I tested too early? Am I pregnant...or is it all in my head? I feel the same way I felt in my previous pregnancies. But still, maybe it's all in my head.

Am I Pregnant?


I am going through the EXACT same thing now! I actually just tested today 11dpo (although my O day could be off a day or two).  I have all the same symptom, even a cold and fever to go along with it.  I also had spotting 5dpo, but only a very little.  I have taken naps and I also never nap! My dr. said to test sunday, but I couldn't wait because I just felt like I was.  I wasa told to wait 2 full weeks after ovulation, so you may have just tested early, I would try again in a few days.  Good luck to you and I hope it works out! 

I am 10dpo today and got a BFN :( I have HORRIBLE bloating! cramping since 4dpo. I never experience this ever! I can feel that I am pregnant but don't understand my BFN! I am going to test daily until AF arrives lol lol! Good luck and I hope we all have our bfp soon!

I'm in the exact same boat as you ladies! I think 10 DPO, tested this am and tues am (8 DPO) and have gotten BFNs. But I've had crazy intense symptoms over ten days. I NEVER get premenstrual cramps (they only come when I actually have my period) but on 7 DPO and 8 DPO I had constant dull cramping. I've also been dizzy, gassy, burping, and had the feeling that my mouth is producing too much saliva. I had a chemical about four months ago and had all these same symptoms and have never been pregnant before - and have never felt these symptoms on any other occasions. I'm trying not to give up hope and will wait to test again until sat (which is one day after AF) should come and will be 12 DPO. But I'm still soooo frustrated and it's nice to see I'm not alone.

OH, I am so glad I am not alone!!! So today (12 dpo) I have been so "CRAMPY". Just weird kind of cramps. Doesn't feel like AF cramps, which I never have anyway! I feel like these are the same cramps I have had in previous pregnancies! Hoping I'm right....  oh yeah, and sooo BLOATED! ..Probably gonna test again in the morning if I can wait that long! Good luck to you gals! Keep us all updated.:)

I meant to say ^ "so glad i am not alone." ^ ...sorry

Wishing everyone luck! I'm going to test again on Sunday and hope for the best! The pain in my boobs seems to be getting worse, but I guess it could just be hormones :( Since going off the pill I'm nervous my hormone levels are just all over the place.  Hopefully we all get BFP's!!! 

ok, so I am 13 dpo today. tested this morning with a FRER and got a BFN ...AGAIN! But I still FEEL pregnant! And I have been pregnant 4 other times, and that's what it feels like this time too. Should I maybe try a Clear  Blue test? Or test again on Sunday or Monday? What do u think? BTW, I posted the original question, so you can see all my symptoms included in the question. Not as tired now, but VERY crampy...and I never get cramps!

Natasha, I'm sorry that you got another BFN. You could certainly hold off and test again on Sunday, or even get blood drawn from your doctor on Monday. One thought that occurred to me is - is there a reason your AF was 5 days late last month? Could it have been a chemical? (I.e. did you rule out a chemical by taking tests and getting BFNs then?).

Also, one thing I'm wondering about is the following: I just started taking 50 mg of Vitamin B6 this cycle bc I think I have a short luteal phase. I've heard B6 can both lengthen cycle AND (?) increase progesterone. And heigtened levels of progesterone can have side effects which mimic Pregnancy symptoms, right?? So is the reason I (we?) have late AFs because I've increased the length of luteal phase and is the reason I have all these pregnancy symptoms because I jut have higher progesterone levels? Gahh!? Update on me: I managed to resist testing today (11 dpo) cuz I can't handle more disappointment. But my BBT temperature is rising and I still feel light headed and gassy and burpy and tired. I'm going to test again tomorrow but I'm starting to worry that all of this is the result of starting to take B6. What do you guys think? I started taking B6 8 days ago.

I tested again today, BFN :(  I know I should wait till Sunday but my body just feels so different. How many days past ovulation should you actually test? I feel like I am making myself crazy! 

Hi ladies, finally got the BFP today! Just wanted to give you guys hope that a BFP can come after two BFNs!! Here's to hoping this one sticks!

Congrats Sally! That is EXCELLENT news!!!!:) What test did you use? ...And yes, I was afraid last month that I had a chemical. I had BFN's last month, however, I didn't have any symptoms. So what gives? Did I have a chemical last month and pregnant again??? Wouldn't surprise me though...a few years ago I had a miscarriage and then got pregnant with my son immediately after! So tired of this guessing game tho. I really FEEL pregnant. Any ideas? Gonna go to the doc on monday for bloodwork.   additional info that may help....with 3 out of 4 pregnancies, I NEVER got a BFP with a home preg test. Had to be through bloodwork. IDK why. The only time I got a BFP was with my daughter. My 2 boys and the miscarriage never showed up through urine. Could that be the case this time? aaaaahhh! going nuts!

Julie...we are both 14 dpo. So sorry you got a BFN. I tested this am and got a BFN too. I am gonna wait til Monday, then take another test..and then go to my doc for bloodwork! what day are you supposed to start?...I would probably test Sunday if I were you!

Thanks so much Natasha.  I used an FRER.  It's a faint positive but definintely there!

Tjat is *so* interesting that you never got a post with 3/4 of your pregnancies - that seems pretty telling.  Maybe your HCG levels are really slow-rising? I'd definintely get yourself to a doctor for bloodwork on Monday.  Fingers crossed for you!!

with your pregnancies that didn't show up in urine tests, how far along were you before you tested positive with blood tests?


The first one was 3.5 weeks. The next two were in between 3.5 and 4 weeks, but I was never really sure when I ovulated during those pregnancies. 

And now I am 14 dpo...but still 5 days away from AF. .. I ovulated a few days early this month. Will test again at 16 dpo AND be going for bloodwork.

I'm also going to test again tomorrow.  Good luck to you tomorrow morning, I'll be thinking good thoughts! I don't know when AF is suppose to come because I went off the pill January 1 and my cycle hasn't been regular.  If AF doesn't come by Friday and I;m still testing negative I am going to call the doctor to go in for blood work.  I've never been pregnant before so I'm not sure how I am supposed to feel, but I've never felt this way before.  Best of luck to everyone!!! 

Well, I went for bloodwork today...and got a BFN. :( Sooo upset, frustrated, disappointed, and CONFUSED!!! I still FEEL pregnant! And it's not like I have never felt this before! I have no clue whats going on!!!??...and on a different note, my mom said that this same thing happened to her when she was pregnant with me. She went to the doctor when she missed her period. Had blood test and came back BFN. She still FELT pregnant. Went back 2 weeks later for another blood test and was in fact 6 weeks pregnant. ....I really don't wanna get my hopes up. And I know the chances of that happening to me 2 would be extremely slim, but I still feel pregnant and I don't know what else to do right now.   Thoughts, advice????

Julie, what did you find out today? How are you feeling?

I took a test after work today and it was a BFN :(  I have never been pregnant but I've never felt like this so I am so confused.  I feel like I have a bubble in my stomach so I just don't understand.  I'm so sorry about your situation and feel your frustration and confusion.  I hope that test was wrong and that in another 2 weeks you get some great news!! I wish I had some advice to offer, but never being pregnant before I'm not really sure. Sending you happy thoughts!! Please keep me posted! 

Natasha, I'm sorry, I accidentially put your name in instead of mine and mixed up the subject line! Baby brain?? haha 

Thanks julie, I really hope that's what it is too. I hate getting my hopes up BUT if CAN happen, then that at least gives me hope until/unless  AF comes. ...Keep us posted. I'm hoping you get your BFP soon!

Well...AF hit yesterday in full force. :( Very upsetting. But I am still 100% convinced that I WAS pregnant. And I really believe I probably had 2 chemical pregnancies in a row. I really don't know why either. Is there something wrong with me, or just bad luck? I really don't wanna spend $$ on testing but at the same time I want some peace of mind. :( 

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