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"AF" 1 week early SEVERAL SYMPTOMS

I'll try and make this short. Cycles are usually between 35-45 days long (I know it's ridiculous) AF lasts for 7 days ALWAYS. Always heavy with clots and darker in color. One week before AF breasts are tender ALWAYS then are not after AF arrives. These are my normal monthly symptoms. Last AF was July 22nd. I was due for next AF last day of August to first week of September. On August 22nd I started bleeding. Bright red no clots very little in amount. Day 2 very heavy, still bright red and no clots. Day 3 same as day 2. Day 4 deep red (almost brown) no clots VERY sharp abdominal pain that lasted on and off for a few hours. Today (day 5) Light brown colored mucus. Day 1 I thought AF started however now I am unsure. It was not consistant with my other AFs. Breasts have been tender for roughly 3 weeks, headaches on and off (I have one now that's relentless), chest is breaking out, breasts feel larger/heavier, increase in libido, gas which may or may not be causing the pressure I feel in my lower abdomen, so on and so forth. I have SO many symptons. Used a calculator that would roughly estimate me at 10dpo however the bleeding threw me off and now my breast are no longer tender. Anyone experience the same or something close to and still had a bfp?

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