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af 6 days late, bfn

So I went off my bc this month so we could ttc. I took ovulation tests that indicated an LH surge on CD 16, so I assumed I ovulated then and expected to either get my period or POAS if there was no sign of af at CD 31. it's CD 36 and no sign of af and I poas this morning and it was negative. Humph.
Maybe I'm just having a funky cycle and af will show up at some point soon? Any thoughts? What should I do next? Am I preggo?

Am I Pregnant?


It might take a few months for your body to adjust with out bc... took mine a good 3/4 months after being off bc to get back to normal. 

I agree with Babygobaby, it could take a few months. When I came off of BC it took 3 months to get my period, but obviously you're ovulating so that's a good sign. Are you using cheap tests? Sometimes they don't pick up HCG as well as the fancier digital tests.

It's probably taking time for your cycle to regulate after getting off the pill. I tracked my cycle for 3 months before starting to TTC, and now I'm on my 3rd month of TTC. The tww is soooo long. Currently waiting for a BFP or AF to show, she's a day late, but still testing negative. Body is playing tricks on me! 

got a faint positive this morning :)

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