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AF background & 8 DPO for a BFP, anyone?

Hi everyone, this is my very first post to TWW, I'm so excited to join in on this website after finally TTC.

This is our second real month of TTC, with me tracking ovulation and DTD every other day up to ovulation and DTD on ovulation day. I don't use a kit to track ovulation, just the app "Flo" from the app store. My husband and I had a big year last year with getting married & buying a house all in one year, so we weren't even thinking about trying then. But now that things have settled down a bit, we are finally TTC!! I use the Centrum Prenatal Vitamins + DHA and I love them so far! I also have been going for runs and cut out most fast foods and all pop. I have been trying to eat pretty healthy with a treat here and there.

Just a little background of my AF - When I first got my periods at 14/15, they were terrible just like my older sister and like my mum's and her sister as well. They were so heavy and painful to the point of crying and not being able to go to school but they were always regular. I went to the doctor and he put me on BC after a year of painful periods. He put me on a weaker kind first that I took every day without a break in my cycle. About 6 months into that brand, I started to spot all the time so he switched me to a stronger kind. This one actually made me gain quite a bit of weight (again, I took it without any breaks) and started getting terrible acne and headaches a lot. At this point it was another 8 months to a year of taking it and I was absolutely done with it. It always made me feel terrible and I actually think it was one of the reasons of getting depression when I was 16. Anyways, I got off of it when I was 17 and my periods came back to a regular & painful cycle. Another 5-6 months and my cycles started being irregular and I was missing my period. One point I went 2 months without getting it which I thought was odd. I then found a new doctor as my former one discontinued his practice and my boyfriend at the time (now husband) found a new one together whom we absolutely love! There was a couple of times where I thought I was pregnant but I wasn't so I was just confused altogether. He wanted to put me back on BC which I refused as I had a bad history with it, and hoped my cycles would go back to normal. He got me tested for PCOS and fortunately I didn't have it. He did say that I have a sub-septate uterus, which shouldn't be a problem if I ever want kids. He just explained that some women just go months without a period and I'm not the only one. Finally in 2016, my periods came back to a regular(ish) cycle and almost always got my period every month on time, if not a week or 2 later. Anyone else go through anything similar?

Here are my symptoms up until today for after ovulating:

1-5 DPO: I've been suffering from Migraines for a while so I was off work this whole week as per my doctor. So I know I had a migraines all this week and felt very tired. I do know that I had cramps on 4-5 DPO and feeling very dizzy. But that could also be due to my migraines so it's hard to tell. I also had cramps just in my pelvic area as well. My nipples started to feel pretty sensitive (which they normally do for PMS).

I did get a new puppy on 4 DPO, so I have definitely been exhausted from her getting up in the middle of the night, I normally go to bed around 8-9:30pm as I need 8 hours or more of sleep a night or I'm SUPER grumpy.

6 DPO: (Migraines gone at this point, yay!) I had TERRIBLE cramps that morning, especially on the left side of my stomach, they were like sharp pains that I haven't felt before. I remember sitting on the floor in my kitchen with my dog and saying to my husband that I really didn't feel good, especially because I had diarrhoea. TMI, I'm sorry! My boobs felt SO heavy this day and my stomach felt like it was going to explode from being so bloated.

7 DPO: I developed a terrible cough that night/morning and a scratchy throat all that day too. I sneezed a lot throughout this day and felt like I was coming down with a cold or something. I was SO gassy that morning and had diarrhoea.
I looked in the mirror and my face was literally glowing though, I said to my husband how much I loved how my face was and I never feel that way as I normally have a lot of huge pimples on my face. Throughout the day, I got cramps here and there and pee'd frequently. I got terrible cravings for certain things I never normally have like a taco salad and a lot of salty foods. I kept saying to my husband that I NEED a taco salad (I didn't cave though haha) This day I was super emotional too, my dog accidentally hit my nose with her head and I cried and cried.

8 DPO: I feel good this morning and energetic, except my scratchy throat is still here and I had a coffee craving. (I caved lol but couldn't finish it) I know it's too early to try a pregnancy test lol but want to know other people's symptoms at 8 DPO when they later found out that they were pregnant. I'm so excited to go through with this journey in getting our BFP and creating a family.

Baby dust to all who are in this journey like me!!

Mwah xoxo

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