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AF due today, 15dpo. Still BFN

I posted last week, and I'm still wondering WHAT IS GOING ON?! DH are on our first cycle TTC #1, and we timed our BDs well around the time of ovulation, which I confirmed with OPK and BBT. I am 15dpo currently, AF is due today, but no sign of her. My BBT is still elevated well above the coverline. I've gotten nothing but BFNs.
I'm not having too many constant symptoms, but for the last two weeks, I have been experiencing fatigue, extremely vivid dreams (really weird ones, usually involving childbirth or babies), and cloudy urine (though I drink lots and lots of water). Over the last couple of days, I've started having some dull cramping in my lower abdomen, and extremely sensitive, protruding nipples.

Sounds promising, minus the BFNs, right? HOWEVER, this is also my first cycle off of bcp, so I'm wondering if maybe my hormones are just playing tricks on me? They are pretty cruel tricks, if that's the case...

What do you think? Could I be pregnant?!

Am I Pregnant?


Have you tested again? Im in the same boat as you with this 2ww being a 3ww and still nothing.  Many of the same symptoms as you though. Dull achey cramps,  a full feeling down low that will bot subside, a few shooting pains in my cervix area that i remember from past pregnancies, as well as a gentle tugging or pulling sensation on occasion. This wait is killing me. Your symptoms sound promising though so i hope you get your bfp soon

Wow that is strange that she asked that. Hopefully the faint line is a BFP.  My ovulation also happened late (like 7-8 days late) and im on CD36 i believe? Im pretty positive that im 14dpo today with af due tomorrow. I felt a super sharp O pain on the 29th but believed it may have been implantation. With af this "late" (originally expected on the 4th)  i feel like i had one of my semi-rare 35ish day cycles. I have one dollar tree cheap test left and was thinking of testing in the morning but im afraid of another bfn. I definitely feel pregnant though. Such a full feeling in my uterus that feels mych different than typical bloating.  Stabbing pains in my breasts (which have just recently become very sore but pretty much located on the sides). I get the occasional lightning strike pain in my cervix that i recall from past pregnancies,  dull aching cramps, tons of twinges/gurgles in my uterus as opposed to my stomache. Nausea hit me some thus morning on my way to work.  Still med creamy cm and my cervix has gone up a bit higher and seems to have "shortened" ? It typically seems longer right before af. Im hoping these are all good signs but we shall see. Keep ne updated on your 'hopefully'  bfp! 

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