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Almost 7 days late and still BFN

I have been tracking my period for years and have no problems. My husband and I have been TTC for three months. I am 6 days late now which has never happened before. I've never even been a day late! My symptoms are: peeing more, cramps, constipation, headaches, dizziness, very full breasts (although they're not extremely tender), increased appetite, bloating, nausea, white discharge and no blood at all, not even spotting. Also an extremely achy back and a closed but low cervix. I have taken over 10 HPT and they've all come back BFN! I am calling tomorrow to try and set up and appointment with an OB-GYN. I'm wondering if they will know for sure just by an exam? Or will they do a blood test? Are urine tests at the doctor usually more sensitive than HPT? Do you think I'm pregnant??
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Please post an update if you find anything out! I am on the same boat right now. I feel like I’m pregnant but all test come up negative ):

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