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Alright ladies...9dpo and so bloated

Okay. Here I the horror that is the TWW. I’ve been tracking symptoms every month just to give myself a reality check and chill the heck out. Actually it helps me stay sane to write down every! Past cycles I’ve had lots of classic PG symptoms and not been. But this month feels different and for some reason I’m confident that I’ll get my BFP. But I need your opinions! What’s different this month: 1. Tracked O and used my “window” wisely 2. Bloating started about 6dpo and it is pretty intense. In fact, my little mommy pouch is a full on muffin top. I feel plain old fat right now. When I lay down to sleep on my belly, I can feel some pressure and fluid build up in my lower abdomen. My appetite is not great and I feel like I ate Thanksgiving dinner after every meal. 3. Waking up to pee twice a night. Usually I sleep all the way through. 4. I’ve been super hot at night, despite the window and fan, and doing a lot of tossing and turning. Unusual for me as I typically sleep like a log. 5. B.B. have been sore daytime, slightly fuller, but at night...yowza!! They are horrible, full and painful when i get up to pee. 6. Heartburn, kinda mild but annoying, has been coming after almost every meal. Haven’t taken Tums in like 5 years ! 7. Cramping has been intermittent from mild to moderate but doesn’t exactly feel like AF. I never usually cramp before AF, it starts on day of or after. However, last month I cramped some during the TWW and wasn’t PG. 8. I haven’t had any spotting. But my CM when I check it is white and lotiony (only a smidge making it to panty liner). For the 3 days after O, I had tons of watery CM. Usually I’m dry this week. What do you guys think?? Of course I tested at 7dpo and 8dpo and had BFN. Dying to tear again but I think I’ll wait till tomorrow 10dpo.
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