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This is the first time that I've actually felt like we might've done it right, but the not knowing is killing me and I'm so afraid of getting excited for nothing -- like I do EVERY month :( In the past I only relied on my app tracker and realized I may never have been aligning with fertile days, correct O days, etc etc.... so finally bought clear blue OPK and based on the days we lined it up correctly and I realized I most likely O around day 12 or 13 (unlike 14 or 15 as I originally thought). Anyway, I should've ovulated around 10/2 or 10/3 so by now im about 8/9 DPO.... I have noticed some symptoms that I don't think I've experienced in the past. One particular is some pelvic pulling and odd twinge right behind my pelvic bone area. Almost like vaginal tugging or something. I am obsessed with tracking symptoms each cycle and yet i always get AF so I hesitate to look too deeply into this but it's def a new one. Another is that my temp has been consistently higher than usual without really dropping -- but this could be because AF is due in a couple days? I've never noticed temp staying raised like this. I am so emotional and have been crying over simple little things for the past week, and SO oddly irritable at times. People's voices, people walking slowly, it's making my blood boil!! i cannot stop eating. My left boob is sore in a weird way, when i touch it it doesnt hurt, but it feels like it aches a little in general. But the strangest has been my insanely vivid and bizarre dreams. I had a dream I met my baby girl and was holding her and noticing how much her hair looked like mine. As much as I want a baby I've never had this dream before. In the dream, my aunt who passed away 2 months ago, was standing behind me telling me she liked the name I chose. It felt SO real! the next day... I had a dream that I kept finding smiley faces on pregnancy tests around the house. The following day, I had a dream I was finding all this weird discharge (TMI i know)..... then to shake things up, my dad's good friend randomly told him he had a vivid dream I was pregnant. I know reading into dreams sounds loopy but this has been going on for a lot longer now than I've ever experienced!! The weirdest part is usually when I'm about to get AF, i actually HAVE dreams about getting AF. This time all I've been dreaming about is finding out im pregnant. It's probably just my mind willing the outcome it's hoping for.... but I hope not! Lastly, I have not had any morning sickness.... but randomly yesterday as I was setting up a platter of sandwiches for a meeting at work, I felt like I might gag at the thought of eating one (and I love free food lol... so that was odd) -- the smell and look of the chicken pretty much almost made me hurl. Fingers crossed that I'm not just seeing what I want to see here :( This two week wait literally crushes my soul each month ....gets harder and harder to be optimistic :(

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