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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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Am I going crazy or could these be real pregnancy symptoms??

This is my first time trying to get pregnant! My partner and I tried about 3 days before I was expected to ovulate and a couple days after I just felt.. different. The day I ovulated I had some cramping and some pinching pain on my left side. I’m about 4 DPO now and I’ve been extremely fatigued but have had a really hard time sleeping through the night. During the day I get dizzy spells and have only felt nauseous one day so far. I keep having weird recurring dreams. This may sound crazy but my uterus just feels ‘full’ and more different than usual. I’ve had a lot of thick white discharge and maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me but it looks like my nips are darkening a little bit! Haven’t had any breast soreness yet, but my nips are a little sore but it could be because I have them pierced. I’m really trying not to get my hopes up, but I hope I am pregnant!

Am I Pregnant?


Hi, am in my tww and I feel exactly the same! I have been super tiered like sleeping 12hr and still feeling shattered!! I have had twinges on and off for a week now and my boobs have gone huge but normally they hurt like hell before af, but this month just my nipples hurt feel like I could be my month but I don’t want to get excited fingers crossed for u xx

I think you could well be! I have been pregnant twice, both ended in miscarriage, but I swear I knew from the very next day. You just know!! Fingers crossed next baby stays with me. I am now 4 dpo too I think and I feel run down and my uterus feels different, kind of like this constant trembling or slight vibrations

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