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I have been looking for a website to give me answers during this tww and i found this one. Thank God!! Thank u all for sharing.
I am not sure of all the abbreviations used so I am just going to type straight. im on the 7th day after ovulation. im bloated and i have had bouts of nausea and feeling weak.... but no vomiting. one day of flu like symptoms. but that went away. a bit of lower back pain..a bit of cramping..not much tho..signs of pms-ing down to even a big spot coming up..boobs seem bigger and a bit heavier and oh my word from day before the worst ever kind of constipation i have ever experienced in my life!! a bit of thrush. a bit of a temperature(hot palms)(comes and goes) a big light headed yesterday. if i wasn't sitting im sure i would have fallen over..and a lot of burping. These symptoms have been from last week..on and off...and like i said a lot of pms im totally confused. i have only been trying to fall pregnant for a couple of months but because im 38 i know it wont be easy and i miscarried last year at 5 weeks. i didnt know i was pregnant. are these symptoms normal. am i psm-ing or could it be pregnancy.

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