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Am I pregnant? 28th cycle day

Hey, so I've been trying to get pregnant now for 6 months and it seems that we have sex and always just miss ovulation by 1-2 days and it's so annoying. However, this month has felt so different, as I've had a lot to focus on I haven't been obsessively symptom spotting and just quickly logged cramps, nags and occasional mood before getting on with my day. All of my periods in the past 8 months have lasted a 25-29 day cycle, except my last period which lasted a 32 day cycle. I often get naggy cramps from the day of ovulation till day 3 of my period and we ensured to have sex 5 days straight from day 13 of my cycle, something we've never had time to do before. On day 14 of my cycle AKA predicted ovulation, I woke up feeling intensely sick, like I was literally about the throw up everywhere, had slight cramps and a headache Day 15 Nausea, headaches and cramps Day 16 A suddenly insanely high sex drive and cramps again Day 17 High sex drive and cramps and a really dry nose inside, bloody boogers Creamy CM Day 18 Same as Day 17 Day 19 High sex drive and cramps, dry nose & blood boogers, felt like I was bleeding out period sensation today, cramps got a little more intense. Creamy CM Day 20 Same as Day 19 Day 21 Upper abdomen achey and crampy all day, no PMS cramps and pulling/tugging pains an inch below my belly button and on my right side (ovary), dry nose Creamy CM Day 22 Cramps & Creamy CM Day 23 Cramps, Wanted to eat everything in the house, Bloated & Creamy CM & Dry nose w/bloody snot Day 24 Thinner Sticky CM, Nausea, Cramps, Acne and Constipated, Dry nose w/blood snot Day 25 Thinner Sticky CM, Cramps, Bloated, Nausea, Headache, Acne, Constipated and Dry nose w/bloody snot. Day 26 First day of sore, tender boobs, noticed they were bigger, heavier, sore to touch and nipples perkier, acne, cramps, bloated, Thinner sticky CM, weird cramp sensation where both ovaries are and behind my belly button felt like there was a finger poking in it also a metallic taste in my mouth, panic attacks & dry nose w/ bloody snots again Day 27 Creamy & Sticky CM, anxiety, cramps, sore boobs that I couldn't stand my boyfriend touching, bloating, headache and metal taste in mouth, couldn't stand the thought of eating cookies which I usually love. Day 28 Anxiety again, sticky CM again, sore boobs, cramps, constipation, bloating, nausea all day and insomnia followed by needing an almost 12 hour sleep :S Day 29 Often Day 1 of my period, cramps seemed to have eased off, boobs still v/achy, lower back pain and CM has changed to kind of watery, stretchy and milky if that makes sense. For the past 2 weeks I've felt a little stuffy and tired and usually by now if I'm going to get a cold it would have come out and I'd have already been on the mend but it's like my body's constantly on the edge of the cold with a stuffy/dry nasal passages but I've never had blood in my boogers and heard that's a symptom? I think now I have a feeling I'm pregnant I'm just terrified my period will come and just sink my mood completely with every cramp and twinge. Do you think I'm pregnant?

Am I Pregnant?

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