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Am I pregnant??

So, I was previously on the depo shot for months. I read that after getting off the shot, it would take until a few days before your next period to ovulate and become fertile again. My insurance cut me off for a little while so I missed my shot once, and i immediately had my period like less than a week after. For some women, it takes close to a year while mine was immediate. When i got my insurance figured out, I got my shot again shortly after. I was not trying to conceive, so I wanted to stay on birth control because my periods were horrible. This happened a few months ago. Just keep that in mind. So, i recently got off birth control. My shot was due Oct. 25th. I didn't go in for it. I don't mind getting pregnant. I'm not necessarily trying, but I'm not being careful. I had unprotected intercourse on Nov. 3rd and 6th. Both times he ejaculated inside of me. I started spotting the 10th and stopped the 11th. It was a light pink color. When i first started spotting i just though it was my period coming because like i said, it came immediately after i missed my shot before. But when it only lasted for two days, i started researching. It said that it could be implantation spotting which happens a week to two weeks after conception, and conception can occur from 5 hours after intercourse to weeks after intercourse. I had very slight cramping the other day. I've been super emotional. I have noticed I am bloated. Other than that, I haven't noticed anything different yet. I'm going to start recording my BBT(basal body temperature) every morning. I'm itching to take a pregnancy test, but I know I should wait. I have had unprotected sex before, and none of this has ever happened. This would be my first pregnancy, but I wouldn't be upset if I was pregnant. Let me know what you guys think.

Am I Pregnant?

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