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Am I pregnant?

For the past 32 days I have been experience pregnancy symptoms, swollen breasts, bloating, slight cramping, slight lower back pain, firm stomach and lower abdominal area, and nausea if I wait too long to eat but I've had 2 "periods." The first one was a normal 5 day period was but slightly lighter in bleeding, the second one was 4 days long and wasn't as heavy as normal. With the second one, I had really bad cramping that started the first day, which is unusual for me. Now I’m two days away from ovulation and I had watery discharge 2 days ago and nothing since then. I’ve taken 2 pregnancy tests one before the first period and one yesterday (11/28) and both were BFN, but I checked it again today (and I know it's been a long time) and it had a very faint line. And with this second test the negative didn't pop up until about 5 minutes after I had taken it, I also took it at like 2pm.
I’m assuming I’m not pregnant but I’m just looking for advice or if anyone else has gone through this sort of thing.
*I would go to the doctor and have a blood test done but I don’t have health insurance*

Thank you

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Am I Pregnant?


Hi honey. I had some really off the wall things happen to me when I developed hypothyroidism. I even had some of the things you were describing. I had negative tests when I was pregnant and before I had my miscarriage. I had my periods while pregnant and they were more painful and heavier bleeding than usual. When I finally miscarried I was so shocked to learn that I was pregnant that I almost couldn't believe it. I had an inkling, but just not the positive pregnancy test. If I can be honest with you I would very highly recommend you find a free health clinic or find a way to visit an OBGYN. It could be our body is trying to tell you something is amiss or it's struggling in some way. I don't wish to frighten you, but your symptoms sound a little worrying to me.

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