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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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Am I pregnant!?

Hi everyone! First time posting so please bare with me :)

I had a period on 12/1. I had very light spotting for nearly 5 days before that, which is unusual for me. I had red blood for about a day and a half starting 12/1. My usual period symptoms (sore breasts, cramping) subsided after my period.

I started feeling “off” and incredibly tired a few days later. Barely staying awake at work, falling asleep on the couch, etc. Everyone is sick right now so I figured it was that. Well this week my breasts started
getting sore (12/13) and by today (12/17) they are so sore and painful that I can barely touch them.

I took an HPT two days ago, and BFN.

What it this!? Am I pregnant? Is my cycle just acting out of whack? Any advice?? Thank you!!!

Am I Pregnant?


Sounds like you ovulated. Tender bbs is usually a sign right after. FX you caught the egg.

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