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Am I pregnant ?

Hi I'm reading and reading the info on the internet and getting my hopes up a lil early but hard not too .. I've been checking my cervix's its high and med to soft to touch, my cm is clear globby white, I'm not too sure if I've ovulated as I don't track. I've had the sniffles and cold like symptom s at 2dpo then 5-6 days had a really noticeable sharp pain go off in my right ovary which I have never had while I was driving. Had tooth ache 8dpo then went away, small vein popped out in my finger and stung. Left breast veins showing. Peeing more then usal. Am I pregnant ?? I hope so (-;

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Am I Pregnant?


Hope you get your BFP! I am having a lot of the same symptoms. I had the CM, cold like symptoms since 6 DPO and the same sharp pain on my right ovary while I was on the car ride home from my in law's house. Good luck and baby dust! Let us know if you get your BFP this cycle <3

OK I will

Having striking take your breath away pain in left breast lasted a min or so, similsr striking pain in right side ovary, not feeling much symtoms at all just low motivation to go on my daily walks. Not using cp as a indicater as I remember my last pregnancy when I got bfp it was soft to med and a lil puffier at the tip and high but kept changing. Yesterday it felt high and closed but today open I have had 4 children this will be baby number five being family complete.. Still keeping positive.

No symtoms don't feel anything..cannot test for another 7 days thinking I'm out this month. Thinking back at my last pregnancy most noticeable symtoms was the nausea in my fourth week I couldn't drink expressed coffee and sitting in the back of a car Ride. And very gassy mornings and night. I guess there's still time for symtoms to amp up lol ..staying hopeful..

Yesterday I felt normal with no symtoms.. Also got down in the dumps feeling mei.Today I'm about day 15 had sharp out of the blue pains in left ovary, pressure below in my bottom and back a lil ache. Tested bfn )-; period due in 8dsys the pains unusual has I don't get bad period pain, so I may be still in for a chance. Or that I'm just having acwacky month (-;

Hi ladies! Over the year I was ttc I had EVERY symptom you can possibly have but the month I got my BFP I had very few but here's what I noticed. Around 2dpo my nipples were really sensitive and felt stingy and sore. Around 5dpo I started cramping like AF, was convinced she was gonna show early, this continued till around 7dpo and then stopped. My boobs were a little sore but always got that way before AF so didn't think anything. My other massive change was I went off tea completely around 9dpo (still can't drink it now!) and I used to guzzle the stuff. And I was VERY bloated, like when AF was due but worse almost. My jeans were sooooo tight, thats pretty much why I tested! Got my BFP at 12dpo on a FRER! Good luck to all of you. I'm experiencing quite a few of the "symptoms" of pregnancy, but don't want to set myself up for a fall.

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