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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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Am I pregnant?

Hello everyone. I usually have cycles on the longer side about (30-33) on average. My period always comes around the time it's expected. If not about 3 days late which is why I said 30-33 days. This month I started spotting about a week and a half early. I never spot before my period comes. The spotting only last about 4 days with pinkish brown and brownish red. I didn't even need a pad. When I used a panty liner for the first day it was barely used. I have pain in my lower back which is normal for my period but the cramps that I have are light and barely noticeable, which is the exact opposite of my regular ones. Although I was not trying to conceive I would be truly over the moon if I am. Thanking God for a BFP and would love some support with this. I will try to test next week!

Am I Pregnant?

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