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Am I pregnant or just crazy?!

Okay, I previously posted not too long ago. My last period was Dec 11-15. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on Dec 26th and he did ejaculate in me multiple times. *I am NOT on birth control* I didn't realize it at the time, but according to my period calendar the 26th was during the week I was fertile and a day before I ovulated. My period calendar is always on point and has been for years and my period is always like clock work. I normally start cramping about 2 days before it's due, but I started cramping about 14 days before it was due. The cramps have been off and on since. I get a pinching or cramping sensation in my lower abdomen and my lower back has been bothering me with cramps as of recently. I've been nauseous everyday for about a week now, I've been having headaches a lot, white milky CM, extreme fatigue, mood swings *crying and getting angry over every little thing *, I live in Michigan and have been really hot off and for about 2 days now, my breast are becoming slightly sore which isn't normal for me because it literally never happens, and I have no appetite. My period isn't due until Jan 10th so I want to wait until then to take a test. Could I be pregnant or am I just crazy?! Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Am I Pregnant?


Today my period is due to start but it hasn't yet so I took a pregnancy test and it was a bfn. I am still waking up nauseous everyday and am nauseous off and on the entire day, fatigue, and still having pinching sensations in my lower abdomen with some back pain. Should I get a blood test to be sure? My body just doesn't feel normal right now. 

Sometimes they say that you should wait about a week after your missed period because the hormone the tests look for is made after the fertilized egg implants into the uterus, and that takes some time. So it's better to wait and save your test money. It's so nerve wracking!!!

My period is now 5 days late. I am now having to pee a lotttttttt more also. 

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