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Am I Pregnant??? Please help!

I posted about a week ago and since have had other symptoms. I O'd Aug 5 and we BD. Aug 8 I started having nausea and gas (tmi, sorry) and started napping in the middle of the day which is unlike me. Next day, minor cramps that are in the very center of my uterus- more like twinges?- and headaches which have continued off and on every day. Plus I've had a lot of nightmares and pregnancy dreams. I usually only have nightmares when my body temp rises or the room is too hot (which it's been very cool). Then I started having some mild lower back pain off and on and constipation the past few days. Crying at the drop of a hat. Today I noticed some pinkish/brown/watery discharge when I wiped, but then it was gone (currently 10dpo). Not to mention this persistent feeling that isn't like past times when I thought I could be PG. In the past, I'd take tests pretty regularly but always knew I was just wishful. This time I'm waiting as long as possible to test. But I bought What to Expect a couple days ago on a whim. Kinda scared to confirm what I already know in my heart, even though I want this more than anything. And get this... my mother in law said to me she had a dream this past week that I told her my best friend was moving down to be near me, which my bff had previously made very clear will only happen when I'm pregnant. I briefly mentioned that to my mother in law back in February. Nerves are killing me! My husband and I are going to see the total eclipse on Monday. What if it's not just any moon? What if it's a... baby moon?? Sry bad pun.. pls tell me what you think. Am I pregnant??

Am I Pregnant?

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