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Am i pregnant ???? So confussed

Hi everyone am new here and i was hoping that i could find some answers on this forum if anyone is going through or has fone through same thing and has had bfp.

So i will give a quick background.
My dh and i been trying to conceive baby 2 for a year now. Before i got pregnant first time my periods were irragular and i was put on clomid 50mg and i conceived on the 3rd month now have a beautiful 6 year old boy. After having him i had the inplant in my arm for 1.5years then i took it off as it stopped my periods completely. I then went on the pill which now i been off for 1 year. My cycle is again irregular with cycles ranging from 28 days upto 36 days. I have also had 1 cycle at 45 days. I am not really using opks just going by cm and cramps during ovulation. A few month back i had a blood test done at 21days and my dr confirmed i do ovulate.( sorry for the long story)

Moving forward to now my last period was on 13 nov 2016 i did not get my period at all until on 1st january 2017 i started spotting nothing goes on the pad but just when i wipe it has not got less or more its only seen when i wipe (sorry tmi) the colour is pink to dark pink to light red. On the first day i had cramps on the leftside quite intense i had to lay down next day it was just dull cramp on the left side and lower back pain but on left side.

I have no idea what to think could this be IB or some sort of light period to just restart my cycle. I have taken a pregnency test today but bfn. I have a dr app tomorrow and i will ask him for blood tests as iam on CD52 today, i am going out of my mind. I also have been feeling realy nauseas and today it was worse especialy in morning then evening i thing i nearly vomited but tried to breath through it. Also i am very emotional crying very quickly.

Anyone gone through anything like this and had bfp??

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Am I Pregnant?


Hang in there, sounds like you are pregnant but I am no expert. What did the doctor say?  I woke up this morning and was spotting too. I put a tampon in and made some tea. I am 14 days past my first IUI, tomorrow I see my doctor for a blood pregnancy test. I am afraid to pull the tampon out.... 

Unfortunately that happened to me on one of my cycles. I used to go months without a period and it happened on one of those long cycles...good luck though and you aren't out until the whole ugly witch shows her face

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