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Hi Ladies, I also posted this in the blog section as well, My husband and I have been trying to get preggo for almost three years. We found out that sometime within the last nine months to a year that I had stopped ovulating due to hypothyroidism and lack of body fat for my body mass. Sounds crazy when you think of not having enough fat with hypothyroidism, but it was true in my case because I was dancing 6 to 7 days a week for at least one to two hours a day or more and couldn't stay at more than 105 pounds. We have since been getting my thyroid tuned and not dancing, so my weight is going up, and are ready to start again. Okay, so, I believe I ovulated this month due to my temperature rise, lots of clear stretchy and watery cervical fluid and cramping on my left side much more than normal. The pain lasted all day. About six DPO I noticed some cramping in the low front of me and it didn't radiate out to the sides of my back like it normally does if it's my period, but just stayed low and didn't hurt enough to get Tylenol or anything (Please, note: I have killer menstrual period cramps). My temperature also took a slight dip of three degrees on the sixth DPO and then rose back up over a couple of days. I am still having some cramping that is similar to, but not exactly like, my menstrual cramps. I am also very cranky and want to take peoples heads off for no reason or for any little infraction, which is not like me. I'm usually very easy going. My moodiness is driving my husband crazy! I am literally wanting to pick fights....ugh! I am very tired and can't keep my focus to clean, work or do anything I enjoy doing and I just want to sleep ( it could be partly thanks due to my thyroid ). I am forgetting important and nonimportant things. Now here are the TMI parts. I have had quite a bit more noticeable cervical mucus on my underwear or when I wipe, which I also had last month, but before that, I hadn't had for a very long time and I have not really gotten dry, as of yet like I do after ovulation. Also, I'm cramping after orgasming, but the orgasms are really nice. I also really want sex and as many times as I can get it is great, but never enough. My breasts don't hurt and they normally would right now. They may be extra sensitive to the touch, but not really bad. It's mostly in a good way. I am now on day twenty-two of my cycle. Should my period come it will be anywhere from the end of this week to the middle of next. I tested two days ago with a cheap test and it was a BFN. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I'm not trying to over-obsess, but it's our first really hopeful month in a very long time and if it doesn't happen the Dr. wants to try Clomid. Do you think it might be possible for a bundle of joy to start growing for us this month? Thanks in advance for any advice. Baby dust to all!

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