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Bbt dip at 8dpo, TTC #2

So this is cycle 3 TTC #2 and I think it may be the lucky one! The first two I didn't temp because I was trying not to drive myself crazy! However by cycle three I wanted to make sure I was guessing my ovulation days right, and I was off by about a week since my cycles are a little long.

BD two days before, the day of and the day after ovulation. Haven't had much symptoms except for some cramping on the left side, 7DPO. Also, morning if 8 DPO my boobs are kind of tender and feeling heavy.

My temp dropped on 8DPO and I'm really hoping it was an implantation dip!! Obviously I'll need to wait and see what my temp does tomorrow but I'm really hoping this was our month! My DS is just over 2.5 and every month this doesn't work the age gap gets bigger and bigger!

What do you think? (For DS I also observed an implantation dip and almost no other symptoms)

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Just as an update, temp did spike again on 9DPO. Trying to hold off testing but it's so hard! It feels just like the first time I received my BFP just over 3 years ago!

another update, tested during lunch because I just couldn't help it anymore and I really felt I was going to get my BFP, but it was a CLEAR negative, basically screaming negative in my face :( However, I am only 10DPO, and it could be too early, plus I have been drinking an iced coffee all morning, which likely diluted the sample.

Fingers crossed still, and I WILL NOT test until Saturday (1 day past AF due date) to be safe I don't keep wasting tests!

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