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bbt implation dip?

Hi all, this is my first post....we stopped using any protection in may to see if things would just happen...turns out it’s more complicated than that to get knocked up. Last month we started with opk so this is our second month really timing things. I have been using the Ava tracker and I have had an usual temp ovulation my temp goes up and down, sometimes 97 and the next day 93. Nothing consistent-until this month. I should also say, the Ava temp reading is a skin reading so the degrees are a several lower than an oral temp. My fertile window was days 14-18,I usually have a 32 day cycle. Anyways- these are my temps dpo with a drop two nights ago... 1dpo95.76 2dpo 95.64 3dpo 95.62 4dpo forgot my Ava 5dpo95.80 6dpo 96.19 7dpo 96.40 8dpo 96.40 9dpo 96.67 10dpo DROP! 95.06 11dpo 96.68 My period is due in three days! Was that an implation dip? I’ve used the calculators and they say I would have implanted Thursday Friday or Saturday...any help is appreciated!

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