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BFP?? More like BFMaybe?

My husband and I aren't trying as much as not preventing whatever happens. My last period started exactly 4 weeks ago today, and for the past couple weeks I've had all kinds of symptoms combined with a feeling of just knowing I'm pregnant. 8 days ago I had slight pink, brownish spotting, my boobs have been getting increasingly sore, and for the past few days I've been inexplicably exhausted. I don't know when I ovulated, so the beginning of the two week wait is a little iffy. Yesterday I took a pregnancy test and the second blue line showed up almost immediately, but it was so faint I thought I imagined it. It's there though, just really, really faint! I'm waiting a couple days to take a new one, as my cycles are usually around 30 days (so slightly longer than normal). In the mean time, what do you think??
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OP here! I waited two days, tested again with a digital test, and it's a BFP!! I was so worried the previous test was showing me an indentation line, obviously it wasn't an evap line since it showed up right away, but I was almost convinced the line was either a figment of my imagination (it didn't show up in pictures) or an indentation. I'm so glad I finally got an answer, there's no mistaking the big capital letters spelling out PREGNANT in the digital screen!

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