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BFP symptoms?

IUI#1 with Clomid 50g and HCG trigger shot 10,000 units. 74 million post wash with 98% motility. 2 follicles 18mm on left side and 17mm on right side, but doesn't matter because right tube is blocked :( I'm dying to POAS but too scared to see a BFN. Hoping to get some answers from others with a BFP with similar symptoms. I will be getting a beta test 14DPIUI which is also the day I am suppose to get AF. 1DPIUI: Slept a lot. Extremely bloated fingers. Dull pain in uterus when walking 2DPIUI: Pulling sensation in uterus 3DPIUI: Moderate cramping all day. Feels like af cramps. Uterus feels heavy 4DPIUI: Mild cramping on and off all day 5DPIUI: A little nausea and headache upon waking from nap 6DPIUI: Peed 2x in the middle of the night, lower back pain, cramping on and off all day, books starting to feel a bit sore, temperature 98.5 7DPIUI: Cramping, stuffy nose, feels like I'm getting sick, shooting pain in uterus, sneezing all day, runny nose, temperature 97.7, progesterone level 26 8DPIUI: Woke up 2x middle of the night due to hot flashes and dying of thirst, af type cramping, right nose clogged all night, pinching sensation in uterus, boobs getting more sore, irritability in the morning 9DPIUI: Bad cramping, lower back pain, TMJ pain (which was the first for me, ever), no appetite 10DPIUI: Woke up middle of the night with hot flashes and dying of thirst, restless sleep all night, weird vivid dreams, sunny nose in the morning, sore boobs and nipples 11DPIUI: Woke up 4am to go pee and could fall back asleep until 5am. Sore boobs and nipples, fingers extremely bloated, runny nose, very bad cramping at night 12DPIUI: Woke up 3am to pee and couldn't fall back asleep until 430am. Sore boobs and nipples, cramping

Am I Pregnant?


I felt more symptoms the months I wasn't pregnant. Only clues were during ovulation my boobs never hurt (as they usually do after I've O'd) and then 9dpo I was going to the bathroom every 20 minutes, I was having crazy hunger pains and I had a stabbing sharp pain in my right nipple ( I know random). The stabbing pain made me wonder so I tested at 10dpo and BFP instantly. Since then just hungry and a few cramps here and there. No other symptoms so try not to get too involved in the symptom thing (easier said than done I know!). I had serious mid- to lower-back ache, and was really moody, in a way I only get when I either need to eat or am PMing. That lasted for about 4 days. I had some minor heartburn (which I almost never get) after most meals. I was cramp, but not quite the same as period cramp, and at one stage I had "lightening bolt" pains in my uterus. I tested three days before my period was due, and despite these symptoms, got a BFN. I got my BFP the day my period was due. I actually had more symptoms *before* I got my BFP than I do now.

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