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Birth Control or Baby?

Hi everyone! DH & I are not currently TTC. I have been on Junel fe for about 5 months for acne. I am newer to BC and not always the best at taking it on time, sometimes having to take it the next morning when I remember but overall I take it as scheduled. The BC did not change my AF much. I typically get cramping the day of AF and sore BBs. I have a 28 day cycle. I am 11DPO and have noticed the following symptoms:

Started feeling very thirsty at work having to fill up my water bottle several times more than usual. Odd back pain at my desk a couple of days ago. Constant naseua with a loss of appetite. Craving cereal and poptarts etc rather than eating what I cook for DH. Cramping on and off a week before AF, usually only cramp day of. Hot flashes. Trouble sleeping. Waking up at night to pee which is odd for me I usually sleep through the night. Twinge of pain down my left thigh. This morning I had to throw away my breakfast because it tasted sour. Bloating - but this is typical for me around AF?

What do you think? I'm driving myself crazy. Is it just my body adjusting to the BC now after a few months or could I be pregnant? AF due tomorrow.

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