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Blue veins anyone???

I am 29, DH 28, TTC for 11 months.  During my 2WW in May, for the first time EVER, I had blue veins.  As you know, during the 2WW,  gas= twinge?!  Getting up to pee in the night?!  PREGNANT!  BBS sore?! PREGNANT! Neck hurts?! PREGNANT!  So when I saw blue veins winding a ROAD MAP  over my chest to my pelvis, even my legs and hands, I was dancing on my head, knowing for CERTAIN I was pregnant (the veins were so obvious that DH could see them through a white tank I was wearing). Unfortunately, I was NOT pregnant (perhaps a result of dancing on my head??? Okay, not funny...)

3 months later -
 9 dpo, the blue veins are back.  Earlier this time.  In May, they didn't show up until 13 dpo.  (None in June or July). No other major symptoms...VERY vivid dreams since 6 dpo (the dreams are nothing new for me, so I can't really consider them a symptom, but there they are).  "Buzzing nipples" since
8 dpo - that's a very WEIRD feeling, like a bug in my shirt.... Insistent headache  and stuffiness since 4 dpo (allergies, though, I think, or the pressure system created by Hurricane Irene...)

Basically, I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced these blue veins, out of the blue (haha), and NO BFP!

Am I Pregnant?


Hey, when i was first pregnant i had very blue veins all over my boobs and pelvic area. I got mine at around 8 weeks though. not sure when there ment to happen but they must be a good sign :) Any change is a good sign. when are yoou taking your test? Good luck! Hope its your month xx

Well, I was going to wait until I hopefully missed my period...However, I couldn't help myself and tested this morning - negative.  Still early though.  I promised myself I absolutely AM NOT going to test again until I have missed AF!!!  Woke up this morning with cold symptoms - never thought I would be excited over a runny nose...!  Thanks so much for your response!

Well, I was going to wait until I hopefully missed my period...However, I couldn't help myself and tested this morning - negative.  Still early though.  I promised myself I absolutely AM NOT going to test again until I have missed AF!!!  Woke up this morning with cold symptoms - never thought I would be excited over a runny nose...!  Thanks so much for your response!

Im the same! Im now 11dpo and i only just ordered my test online yesterday, means i cant test like crazy an make myself upset. Its so hard the 2ww! My af is due sunday so hope she doesnt come to visit! Its good to hear you have a cold :) I also have a cold :D My nose is running like crazy and i nvere get that when in ill. So fingers crossed its a good sign. I asked my nurse about things and she said not to worry about having no symptoms as most people dont. Dont know if i like that. Its nice hope to wonder what every twinge is. Whens af due for you? Hope you get your bfp! :) 

I had blue veins I noticed last month before AF.  I think I was about 13 dpo or around there.  But I too have noticed them early.  I'm about 7 dpo now and I have large blue veins along with a whole bunch of tiny blood vessels showing up.  Very strange.  Good luck!

I'm due to start tomorrow.  I've had some cramps off and on, feel like AF is coming.  If she doesn't, then I'm testing Sunday morning :)   Good luck to both of us!!!

It's just so weird - Last night, I had one vein that was so dark, running next to my nipple, it looked like if I were to touch it, I would be able to feel the vein.  But this morning, it's faint again.  So confusing! Good luck to you, as well!

I get blue veins around 5-7 wks pregnancy till this past year. I've noticed I get them about a week before I start on my breasts, thighs, shoulders across my chest and lower abdomen. Had this with and without pregnancy so I've marked that off my list of symptoms. High hopes for you and everyone on here in the tww. Baby dust****


I am 14 DPO and have had blue veins running in my boobs since 8 or 9 DPO. I have only been off the pill ofr 3 months but never got these symptoms last 2 months. Im 29 days since last period now so i can test this week. I'm nervous and hope i am...what do you think? I've also had period type crapming for about 3 days now.

I have.2 big blue beins and a small 1 on my right boob Could this be a pregnancy symptom ? I'm due on the 28th Hope sum1 cud Let me no what sort of symptoms they get just so I no I have got a little girl 1 half I dint bother about any the symptoms then but now I'm tryin I wud like to no thanks a lot ! X

I BD'd a few days before my ovulation date. about a day or two after ovulation I started having sore/tender breasts. At about 6 or 7 dpo (can't remember I didn't put it in my calendar) I noticed the blue roadmap like veins running all over my chest and down my breasts. My breasts have been super heavy feeling, extremely sore especially the nipples-they are at a stinging/tingling feeling. I am actually sleeping in a bra they hurt so bad (I'm not well endowed on the breast area so I don't need to sleep with a bra on). this morning (about 10 dpo currently) I noticed the blue veins are really prominent through my nipples as well and I can see little branches off the bigger veins-they are running up my shoulders and even on my hands. I haven't noticed the blue veins since I was pregnant with my first child 7.5 years ago...hoping this is a good sign. I have also been having the "cramping" felling in my lower abdomen (not like AF cramps), crazy emotions, one minute happy the next I'm crying. Craving dairy-kind of weird for me, but I remember I ate/drank a lot of dairy when I was prego the first time. Terrible sleep pattern, also tired for no reason. Have been testing since about 7 dpo (too early I know, couldn't help myself), and again this morning all were BFN's :( grrr....still not due for AF for 4 more days. CM is also going back and forth between creamy and watery. I felt like AF came more than a handful of times within the last week, and its nothing but clear CM....hoping for a BFP!! Going to test again in the morning! Wish me luck! Baby dust to all!!

I've come up with dark blue veins on my chest and boobs...! Really Noticeable I've never noticed before.. Sore nipples but not to bad.. Very tired for the past couple of weeks... I come on the 17th for 2days quite light which isn't normal for me.. Quite confused as I'm on the pill patch... Any ideas ?

I'm a road map of dark blue veins too! IThought dehydration but they are back again. Hoping for a BFP - AF due in 7 days. I'm either pregnant or a HUGE hypochondriac! I know I'm def. a POAS aholic- desperately trying to wait till AF is late to test again.

Oh I got all excited thinking they were a good sign I'm headed towards a bfp in a few days cos I have the blue veins in my nips, boobs, shoulders and knees some even on the tops on my calves. By now Im guessing they are just another pms symptom sent to mess with me. I want a bfp sooo bad.

See a DR. and stop asking people on the internet.

hello my husband and i have been trying to conceive our 2nd child I've been off of my depovera shot for 7mnths now and have bttc, this month i was due to start the 4th i am now 7days late, with dark veins on breast.nipples and pelvic region along with white discharge & hip/back pain didn't have any of this my first time around so please HELPPPP! too scared to test & get a (-)

Hey girlies..... well i am feeling pretty confused right now, last tuesday was my fertile week bearing in mind i finished my period last monday. I had unprotected sex from tuesday to sunday. sunday was suppose to be my ovulation day, today when i woke up and went to the loo and wiped there was light pink blood on the tissue at this point i didnt know where to put myself... this afternoon i have been experiencing mild cramping in abdominal area and then when the cramping stopped i had sharp twinges above my pelvic bone which has now gone, then i experienced headaches tiredness and eating loads its having my life.... could anyone please have a good intake on this and be very kindly to give me some advice on what you guys think...... baby dust to all!

Well girls I had unprotected sex on feb 10 we use pulled out method and then on the 26 we had unprotected sex again and he pulled out but he said he thinks he finish inside me , ok so on the 28 I got my "period" it was light pink but on the 1st was normal at night it went away and on the 2nd it was normal again then at night it went away on the 3rd itwas gone then 4th just a little then 5th gone confusing I know .. but anyways lately I've been bloated, cramping well like Sharp pain on the waist , abdominal area, my back and I eat just a little and I get very full I can't sleep on my stomache .. oh and ok on my breast I have only one blue vein all my life but all of a sudden I get all these blue veins on my hands, arms, sides ,legs, I'm very tired ... Can I be pregnant ?

So I O'd on the 9th, BDed on the 8th and 9th, and now I am a week out from AF. This is my first month actively trying so trying not to get too excited, but thought i'd share what i've experienced. 1-5 days past ovulation no symptoms. 6 days past ovulation, stuffed up, runny nose, heachache. 7 days past O, constant headache, extreme thirst, dry throat, exhaustion. Today I am 8 DPO and I have massive blue veins on my breasts, no tenderness, but boy are the girls large. Continued thirst, slight headache and soar throat. BD to everyone!!!!

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