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Brown Spotting and all Symptoms with BFN

Hi Guys.. We have been trying to get pregnant for last 3 years and the only issue was my right side Fallopian block and we still tried natural cycles and i am planning to do a laproscopy next month. I have a regular 28 day cycle but always have only 2 days bleeding and usually is heavy. I ovulated so far on Day 11 to 13 as per OPKs and scans done before to see egg maturity. Last month i got brown discharge on Day 25 and 26 (July 24 and 25) and It was ON and OFF and to me it did not look like period. I was confused if its just a scanty period or implantation bleeding. But from a week after that i am having headaches, nausea, vomitting and its persistent. My BBT is sometimes high like having a fever. I tested many times till 2 weeks after that spotting and i got all negatives. Considering my last bleeding as period, i checked my ovulation and i got a + after Day 17 but still i have bad nausea and headaches. Any idea what might be happening? Should i do a blood test or it could be because of change in hormone levels? To be honest, scared to take one more pregnancy test and the next due date is just 8 days away.

Am I Pregnant?


your story is so close to mine. I also had brown discharge on July23-25. Cycle due on July 25. and hasn't come. I am not planning for a baby. Also, I only had sex once last month long after my ovulation time frame. I just don't believe I could be pregnant. I did take two test which was negative. I just continue to have pregnancy symptoms. But I don't want to continue to waste money on a test. I am thinking I will wait until after next expected Cycle on August 24 to take any more tests. Please let me know how things turn out for you

Brown discharge, mostly when I wipe on CD 25 & 26. I NEVER start early.. my cycles have been around 34 days the last 3 months.. then today (CD 27) it's pink and there's more of it. My breasts are super sore and I'm bloated as all get out. When I saw the pink this morning, I teared up. If this is AF and I'm not pregnant, I feel like I'm going insane. Like I'm imagining "symptoms" each month. I must look like a huge idiot to my husband. He doesn't say or do anything to make me feel that way, but I can't imagine how he wouldn't be thinking it. :( Please let us know how it turns out!

Ya... Good to hear someone is on same boat. even I am planning to wait till next due date which is 22nd Aug. Headache, nausea and vomit is still there and am gaining weight. Resisting myself to take hpt.

Hi..... Feeling like getting my periods. One whole month of pregnancy symptoms and with periods coming in.. I am not sure what's happening with me. Will go to doc this week. Doesn't look like flu or stomach upset but having constant nausea , vomit with minor headaches.

Just to update, i got my periods that month and went on with laproscopy on day 10.

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