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My last period began on December 28th and ended January 3rd. I decided to switch apps and use "Flo" to track my period as I wasn't having much success using periodpad pro but it was still one of my favs. I downloaded it and was amazed at how much information they asked for in order to personalize your experience. I entered my information and answered 100 questions. At first I was a little bothered by it and then I realized it would serve great purpose later. I BD'd 01/07, 01/13, 01/15, 01/16, 01/18, and 01/21 with 01/21 being my supposed ovulation day. We did it late that night around 3 or 4 and then the entire day I was feeling "crampy" and charged it to the fact that it was some extreme BD'ing. On or around 5dpo, (01/18) I remember my breast feeling full like they were two bricks. Just painful. My OH touched my nipple and I remember wanting to literally CRY! I also remember looking in the mirror and saying "My nose looks really different. Like it got bigger or something. I remember feeling nauseous after I ate breakfast. But again, brushed it all off... I spotted 01/22 and also assumed that it was my period coming or again, because of my intense late night session lol. I can't even really say it was spotting. I wiped and it was like brown cm or something to that extent. That same night, I got ready for work and while on the bus, the cramps got a little more intense. I'm like wow this period must be something serious because I haven't gotten cramps in soooo long I was shocked at how much I was feeling them now. When I got to work, I went to pee and felt a slightly sharp pain upon completion. I was familiar with the pain because I had a UTI in 9th grade and this pain was similar. (I'll be 23 by the way, lol) Anyhow, I laid down and started feeling full and heavy down there. Like just a constant pressure. The next morning (I'm a home Attendant and work overnight) I went to relieve myself and the pain was more intense. I could have shed a tear. I was convinced I definitely had a UTI. This puts me at about 9dpo. I had no stinky discharge, no discoloration of urine.. none of that just a sharp pain after I peed. At the end of the night on 01/23, I realized the pain after I urinated was subsiding. It could be the way I was positioning myself to use the bathroom but I can't be sure lol. Of course I turned to google because what kind of sorcery was this? lol I then saw a lot of women had what they felt like was a UTI and ended up with their BFP. I decided not to drive myself crazy testing and brushed it off. I went in to get checked out on 01/24 and was told that there was protein in my urine as well as white blood cells and a little blood. My heart almost dropped because for some reason I assumed she was telling me I had an STD, STI. It was just the look on her face, like this was the worse thing ever. Anyway, moving along, she told me I would have to wait two weeks for lab results and that she would prescribe me something because it COULD be a UTI but she wasn't sure. So I did not go pick up the prescription because I refuse to take medication for what MIGHT be wrong. I don't even believe in taking medicine (don't judge me, way more to the story) but I refuse to do that. I continued to drink plenty of water and some cranberry juice. I had a pint and a quart bottle of Poland spring (the real tall one) and I would drink about 3 & 1/2 of those per day for 5-6 days. By day 7, the pain from urinating was gone. I got mad and deleted my other period tracker and went back to just using one because I thought I was driving myself crazy. So the numbers and dates from here on might not make much sense as I had two different O days and two different expected AF days on both apps! I tested twice and both were BFN. I spotted on the Jan. 30th, Jan 31st and then again on Feb 6th. On February 6th, according to Pink Pad, I was 2 days late. I decided to wait it out and see what would happen because I assumed AF would just be late. I stopped spotting completely (it's the 8th). I Was able to BD again (after my self diagnosed UTI and time off work) by the 5th. So we BD'd the 5th and the 7th. Usually, AF would come down after BD. Here we are the 8th and I realized frequent urination and just still feeling full around the midsection... bloated basically. My thing is I'm hoping it's my BFP or if not I wish AF would come and be done with. Can anyone offer SOME kind of insight or similar experiences??!!

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