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Can I get pregnant?

Hi ladies. I'm 28 years old and not really trying to conceived but 7 days after y last period I had BD with my boyfriend and my chart says (not sure if accurate) that it's a day before my fertility window. The day after my ovulation (not really sure if accurate) since 1 DPO until 7 DPO which is now, I feel different symptoms that I never experienced before. During my PMS I usually got colds and flu a night or day before my period, never had cramps but those 1dpo to 7dpo, cramps getting mild everyday, pulling and pinching either left or right lower abdomen. Is it possible that I conceived or what?


So I think for some women, there's a way of knowing. Unfortunately we hear this and believe we 'know' even when we really don't. Our mind plays tricks and symptom spots. If I had my time over, I'd try to just enjoy life and not question every niggle, every cramp, how my boobs feel etc. MUCH easier said than done. I understand. 6DPO is about when the body is starting to implant. Symptoms of pregnancy don't kick in til after this point. Only after then would it affect your boobs. In fact, at 10DPO my nurse in Bio tex clinic (knowing I was pregnant) said "I bet your boobs are starting to hurt" and they really weren't. They didn't feel different til about 14DPO. I didn't get morning sickness till about 7 weeks pregnant. And then threw up every day for the rest of my pregnancy. If it's your first cycle TTCing, ignore the symptoms. Because it may be something or it may just be you analysing. If you've TTCd for a few cycles and this feels different, it may be promising. I hope you're pregnant. :) Good luck!

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