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Can some one please help me

OK So ive been having lots of symptoms lately and I need answers, when I had sex with my boyfriend it was a day before my period, the next day or so I got my menstrual but we had unprotected sex again after that it was my ovulation week and we did it again like 2 times, we even did it a day before my eggs ovulated and a quick one but didn't finish on my ovulation day, so lately i've been getting head aches at times I thought it was normal until I started feeling sick, very nausea, and i've been sleeping for so long and going to sleep early or sleeping the whole day, ive been eating a hell of a lot like 2 lunches,and lots of crazy foods like popcorn with honey or doritos and pickles, then my stomach started to ache with slight cramps or like I was really hungary so I took a pregnancy test and I thought it was neg. but I went back and saw a very faint line I couldn't believe then my boobs hurt really bad mostly my nipples are very very tender but like 4 or 5 days passed I took another one and I see another faint line with my stomach still aching and mild cramps my nipples are still very tender and my stomach also feels tighter. Please I need answers, Appointment soon, Is it too early (i think it is but all these symptoms )
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