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Can someone tell me if I’m pregnant?

Hi all,

My monthly cycle is usually between 30-32 days. I had unprotected sex first time with my partner on day 12 and on day 13 I began to have very slight cramps with bright red spotting with my discharge (I assumed I was ovulating as this occurs to me every month). On day 15 and 16 of my cycle I got bright red spotting with my discharge again (my discharge was an egg white colour). Since then, I am experiencing painful cramps and backache during the night which wakes me up along with waking up to go to the toilet which doesn’t normally happen in my sleep or wake me up. My breasts are hurting very slightly and I tend to get hungry fairly quickly and bloated at the same time. I wish someone could tell me what is going on because this is the first month I have been experiencing this sort of heavy pain and I can’t take a test either as it is quite early. I am beginning to go crazy as I do want to be pregnant and I would be quite dissapointed I wasn’t and all of this was just in my imagination.

Am I Pregnant?


Hi, I'm 7wks 6d and with my 4th and I didn't experience any symptoms before a missed period with any of my pregnancies. I've only been crampy with this one since last week, I was a week late before I tested and none of my symptoms kicked in until last week so in my opinion the cramps and backache wouldn't be down to pregnancy at this point. I would get checked as you could have a water infection which also causes stomach cramps and backache. Unfortunately no one can tell you if you're pregnant you'll have to take a test. First response can be used 6 days before a missed period. Good luck

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