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CD24 and Very Strange Symptoms..

Hello! My husband and I have been TTC since August when I had the Mirena removed. I have a doctor's appointment set in June in case nothing happens before that.

Today is CD 24 and I have been going through some very strange things since CD 19. Everything from the world's worst hot flashes to a constant queasy feeling in my stomach. I'm trying not to think too far into it, but at this point if this isn't pregnancy, I'm worried it might be something else or my hormones. I've had to BFN tests, and my husband does not want me to test again until Wednesday when AF is supposed to arrive.

Over the last 2-3 days I have had extremely sensitive nipples and breasts, white creamy CM (not a lot), gassy, not sleeping through the night, extremely exhausted during the day, random quick headaches, brain fog, extremely thirsty, strange food cravings, nauseous but only gagging (not throwing up), acne, a runny nose, and my body is just sore.

Could I be pregnant? Thank you!!!!

Am I Pregnant?


Pregnancy after infertility support groups offer another transitional service to couples. These groups can be found through local RESOLVE chapters or may be offered by reproductive medical practices as a service to their patients. The support group forum can provide a safe environment to share the fears and feelings often unexpressed or misunderstood in other settings. Once pregnant, it is frequently expected that previous worries of infertility will be eased. However couples may avoid or delay having faith in the pregnancy or buying maternity clothes and baby supplies. Normal social routines such as baby showers may also be postponed until after the baby is born. Decision-making about prenatal care, testing and life after the baby is born are frequent topics of concern. Having defended against the possible threat of loss for so long, expectant parents may only allow themselves to believe that they will be parents late in the pregnancy. As a result, they may find themselves rushing to make plans for job adjustments, daycare or other accommodations for the baby. Being with others who can validate these experiences and normalize feelings is a powerful tool to help these families have a healthy start.

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