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Clomid, cyst rupture, still praying for a miracle!

This is my first round of clomid. November 27th had progesterone tested (after a natural O cycle) cd21- was .01. Not good. CD1 was Dec. 3rd. Didn't have period because of pcos. Started clomid cd5 to cd9. Only major symptom was hot flashes and constant headache cd10, 11, 12 along with bad neck ache. Using preseed every time we baby dance because I do not normally have cm at all. Taking prenatals, folic acid, evening primrose oil. Cd14- horrible headache in the evening. Neg opk. Cd15- woke up with headache from night before. Horrible. Neck hurt bad too, maybe causing headache? Had gush of watery cm mid day. Weird because all opks negitive, and I also never have cm. Crying at everything. Negitive opk. Baby danced. Cd16- right ovary pain,  kind of pinching cramping feeling. Super emotional, crying while watching tv shows at things that weren't even that sad. Neg cheapie opk, but with digital clearlblue had flashing smiley (high fertility) baby danced. Cd17- slight nausea. Another flashing smiley. Neg cheapie opk. Baby danced. Cd18- bad headache all day,  right ovary pain,  nausea in morning. Flashing smiley,  neg cheapie okp. Baby danced. Cd19-lower back ache, cramping in front similar to menstrual cramping. Twinges in both ovaries. VERY positive cheapie opk in morning along with solid smiley (peak), very positive cheapie in evening. Baby danced. Bbt 97.0 O day(cd20)-  headache,  gas.  Felt pretty good,  was busy at work. Was sleepy at night and fell asleep fast (maybe from all the bding and busy at work)  itching nipples? Weird. Still positive cheapie opk in morning/ evening. Baby danced. Bbt rise. 98.0 1dpo(cd21)-  tired, fell asleep for another hour after waking up in the morning. Short tempered, easily agitated. Took another 2 hour nap. Slight headache but nothing too bad. Very bloated. No sore bbs or nips which is unusual, just itchy nipples. They usually start hurting day before and day of O. Very thirsty. Negitive cheapie opk fmu. Baby danced. Bbt 98.0 2dpo(cd22)- had hard time going to sleep last night. Vivid dreams when I was sleeping. Still nothing with the boobs which is concerning me. Napped for a couple hours. Had to pee so bad it hurt twice while on a car ride. Bbt 98.2. 3dpo (cd23)- got up to pee twice last night. Vivid dreams that I was non stop eating? Lol. headache when i woke up. Gassy and verrrry bloated. Really tired today but no naps. Bbt still rising. 98.3 4dpo (cd24)- kept waking up last night,  very vivid dreams. Woke again at 2am to pee. Tmi- constipated. Going to get blood draw for progesterone check.  Sneezing. Frustrated and wanted to cry. Sooo tired. Bbt 98.1 5dpo (cd25)- fell asleep at 730 last night. Up a couple times  to pee. Woke up also to horrible stomach cramping. Was making me nauseous. More vivid dreams all night. Same stomach pain this morning and throughout day. Can barley bend over or anything it hurts so bad, even when I walk.  PROGESTERONE came back 10.9! Woohoo! Had a dizzy spell at work. Bbt 98.1. 6dpo (cd26)- so gassy. Both ends sorry tmi. Lots of creamy cm. Still same stomach pain and EXTREME bloating - this cant be right. I've tried a heating pad and Tylenol. Hurts a lot if I cough or walk. Bbt 98.1. 7dpo (cd27)- headache today. Even more (a lot) creamy cm. Stomach pain worse. Went to doctor,  had a ruptured hemorrhagic cyst. That explains the pain! Free moving liquid and blood in abdomen. No spotting blood though. Im assuming it ruptured on 5dpo when the intense pain started. Still gassy. Eww. Bbt 98.6. 8dpo (cd28)- woke up with headache and sore throat. Stomach pain still there but getting better I think. A lot less bloated. Bbt dropped to 98. Way to early to start af (6 days away). Maybe implantation? Feeling sad. Still no sore boobs at all. Lots of bleeding gums when brushing teeth this morning and evening. 9dpo (cd29)-boobs and nips sore today. Headache as well. Stomach pain almost gone. Slept 12 hours last night,  then took a 2 hour nap mid day. Still bleeding gums (weird for me) irritable and easily frustrated. Quick to tears. Its 10pm now and I'm feeling very nauseated. Bbt 98.1


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