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Long story short, I am on birth control HOWEVER, I was not aware that I have been prescribed a recalled birth control pill (the recalled pills had lack of sufficient hormones) from my pharmacist. After 6 mos they finally transferred me to a new pill BUT I was without birth control for roughly the last month since I was trying to transfer my prescriptions elsewhere (and had a hard time doing so). I also have PCOS (but has gotten pregnant with no intervention once- it ended in early miscarriage and so far I have one child - a clomid baby). Now on to the interesting details that I find so frustrating.......

These last 2 days I have been having bouts of nausea, cramps (lower ab cramps right below the belly button), and gas pains.
Today I had diarrhea which I suspect is from all the gas pains and cramping.
I feel so so sooooooo tired today as well.
I have had a keen sense of smell for a good week so far.
About 1 week ago, I felt a burning/tingling sensation on my nipples/breasts. (It was only for a day)
Today I look a tad bloated

When I do not take my BC, I am irregular, so I have no clue when or if I ovulated. I did have a rather odd period experience on DEC 20th. It was light the first 2 days. The 3rd day my period vanished. Then it came back a little heavier for 2 days and then vanished again (and did not return). So not sure if this even helps, but the ovulation calculator states that I should have ovulated likely on Jan 3rd and my "fertile window" is from Dec 30th to Jan 4th. However thats going off of a 28 day cycle (and I am irregular with unknown cycle pattern). I also BD'd quite a bit (everyday practically) during that estimated "fertile window".

So as you can see....I am so very frustrated!!! I dont know if the symptoms are just PMS or I have conceived....

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So I still have been having bad gas up till lastnight with the usual bouts of nausea. Yesterday "took the cake" for feeling the most fatigued and exhausted. I work out moderately and typically look forward to my gym days but yesterday it took all the strength in me just to workout. The rest of the day was spent wanting to lay around and do nothing.

So my nausea somewhat vanished until lastnight. I felt an intense need to throw up this time around but ended up falling bak asleep. I just woke usual lately, and those gas pains have came back. lastnight on to today, I have had periodic annoying pinching/tugging sinsations around both ovaries-uteran area. Yesterday I took a pregnancy test and thought it was a very faint positive but it was so faint I just assumed negative. This morning I took another test. Looks liek a very faint positive. Definately a tad darker looking than yesterdays test. Still not ruling out that it coudl be a negative. both tests were the pee sticks with the pink ink. Took a blue ink test today (I was suppsoed to get a digital but picked out the wrong box- doh!). Negative (although I know very well that blue ink tests are not as good as the pink ink ones). I'll test again later. I uspect the pinching sensation is implantation. Oh and still havign nausea ugh...

So in the "pm" after feeling pinching sensations, I had very light bleeding. As fast as I noticed it is as fast as it dissappeared, so its definately not my period. I am assuming its implanation bleeding which means I have more of a wait for a definite bfp.

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