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Confusing Month

Hi! My name is Rai and I'm 27. I am very confused right now and was wondering what you all thought! I had ovulation pain on the night of the 18th. I get throbbing aching pain every month so I always know when I'm ovulating. My boyfriend and i BD on the 19th PM and 20th AM unprotected. 9DPO I went to pee that afternoon and had a whole tissue covered in CM and light brown discharge. Thought it was odd as that doesn't happen and it was a few days until AF was due. I'm NEVER early. Ever. I usally feel PMSy then wake up one morning and BOOM AF has arrived full force. I never spot or anything. So I thought the brown was odd. I spotted brown and pink off and on that afternoon and then light pink/red spotting the next day. The day after I had light bleeding for a day. Nothing even close to a period, but enough for a pad. It was... I donno hard to explain. Like blood but not like, extensive thick CM bleeding like when you're on your Period. Not Niagra Falls. The next day I only really had blood when I wiped. I then proceeded to spot for several days pinkish/brownish only when I wiped. The whole thing lasted nearly 7 days which is WEIRD. My periods start BOOM and taper off in about 3-4 days with severe cramping on the 2nd day. I only had vague cramping. Enough to feel it, but not like period cramping. Ever since about 10DPO I've been grumpy and hot and tired just like PMS. The past three or four days I've been queasy off and on all day as well. Today in particular I've been queasy most of the day. It's light and comes in waves. But it's been nearly constant today. Vs. before it was random throughout the day. Other misc. things I've had is SEVERE burning of the hips. Like just around my hip bones BURN and it's been affecting my sleep. Mild cramping in legs. Like TINY achy cramping at night. Just a weird achy FEELING in my pelvic area. Gassy, bloating. Just UGH. Now the kicker, BFN three times now. I'm 18DPO today which would make me 5 weeks pregnant today. I have NOT taken a HPT today though. Soooooo, what's going on?! What do I do? Just keep waiting for a BFP?!
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I do not believe it is implantation bleeding because it did last 7 days. Implantation bleeding rarely lasts more than two days, usually no more then a few spots. Since the pregnancy tests are negative, for now just consider that it was a strange period. Many things can alter your cycle, even if it's been exactly the same for 10 years. I am not sure if you are trying to conceive, but if so - Good luck!

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