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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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Confusing Results - Vote to Assist DH in Keeping DW Sane

Following tests were done...

9 DPO - Tuesday 7 PM - First Response Early detection - Very faint positive
10 DPO - Wednesday 7 AM - First Response Early detection - Even fainter positive (not first pee)
10 DPO - Wednesday 7 PM - First Response digital - Negative
11 DPO - Thursday 6 AM - Accu Clear Early Pregnancy Test - Negative
11 DPO - Thursday 7:30 AM - Clear Blue digital - Negative

My wife's an angel, I just want to keep her grounded on expectations.


Am I Pregnant?


Trying to do progression testing with several different brands can be discouraging because they can have different sensitivities. A BFP is a BFP, and it's likely the first two tests are more sensitive than the latter two. Also testing at different times of day is less reliable early on.Have her wait for fmu and test again with the FRER brand, I'll bet it'll be a more obvious positive.


BFP: positive
FMU: first morning urine
FRER: first response early result tests

Have her do a blood test for a definitive answer. Good luck! :-)

I would suggest staying with the First Response Early Detection and using the first morning's urine. This will give you the most consistent results especially seeing as its still pretty early. Also, keep in mind that the downside of using early response tests are that many pregnancies don't "stick", and if you never tested before a missed period you would probably never know the difference. I speak from experience as this happened to me! Good luck!!

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