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could i be? or am i just crazy

Hey Ladies! Ok, here we go. It may be a little long, but bare with me. My LMP was on 7/8/18, lasted the usual 5 days. All normal. Then the hubby decides he wants to try for another kiddo. ( we have a 10 year old) We got intimate on 7/25 ( in my fertile window), then again 8/2, 8/4, 8/6 This month's period was due on 8/8...nothing happened, so we got intimate again, then again on 8/9, 8/11, 8/14, 8/15, 8/16 ;) so on 8/14, I was feeling some weird crampy type feelings in my lower stomach on the left side. I took some motrin, and went to bed, and all was well. on 8/16 after we got intimate, i went to pee, and noticed a little blood on the Tp.. it was a red/pink color. had no pain, and after the first pee after sex, there was no more blood. on to today 8/17, my lower back is cramping, lower stomach hurts a little, my boobs are sore, have a headache, and i am very sleepy and kinda cranky. Before you ask, yes, i have taken a pregnancy test. on 8/16 and 8/17, the cheapie tests, and they were both negative. Im leaning to either a UTI or early early pregnancy. Before I found out i was pregnant with my son, i had a UTI, and that along with the missed period, was my only 2 symptoms, and i didnt test positive then until i was a full month late. someone please tell me i am not crazy !!
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