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Could I be pregnant?


So we've been TTC for 3 months now, and I've been using Ovulation test strips! I have a 25 day cycle. I have been taking prenatal vitamins for around 3-4 weeks.


CD12 - High fertility - We BD'd
CD13 - Ovulation - We BD'd
CD14/1DPO - Little bit bloated (usual)
CD15/2DPO - Same again, and gas
CD16/3DPO - Headache
CD17/4DPO - Lots of thick creamy CM (unusual)
CD18/5DPO - Gas, slightly queasy, thick creamy CM
CD19/6DPO - Awful nausea? (Unusual) cramps, gas, thick creamy CM
CD20/7DPO - Gas, slightly sore nipples
CD21/8DPO - Same again, more thick creamy CM, BFN

AF is due in 4 days!

Headaches and bloating are usual for me but so much gas, so much thick lotion like CM and the nausea are all unusual for me! Any thoughts? Driving myself mad lol!

Thanks for any answers in advance! I shall update! :)

Am I Pregnant?


8dpo is still really early, I wouldn't worry about a Bfn.  Sounds like you have symptoms, I hope they turn into your bfp! 

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