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Could I be pregnant??

So me and my husband have been TTC for almost 2 years and I havent had anything like this happen to me yet. So 7 DPO I had spotting for that day, it was a bring pink color, no red. It wasn't enough that it got on my underwear, I just saw it when I wiped. I think it might have been implantation bleeding, but when I read about implantation bleeding I see that people cramp with it and I didn't. Now I am 3 days late for my period and I have the white, creamy looking cervical mucus. I normally only get this when I ovulate but this is A LOT more than I have ever had. Ive been taking the cheap dollar store tests and all negative. Maybe the hcg isnt high enough to detect on the test yet..? Oh, and on my first day that I missed my period I didnt have a pregnancy test so I took an ovulation test that I had because a friend said that if I was pregnant that ovulation tests will show positive also. It was very positive but none of my pregnancy tests are. Should I get a more expensive one or wait a few days? The only other symptoms I am having are headaches, itchy nipples, nausea, a little bloating, and fatigue.

Am I Pregnant?

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