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Anyone had an absence of cramps when af was due and then found out they had conceived? I’m 22 and currently not trying to conceive. Whilst I definitely want to have children in a few years right now I’m not ready, financially we would manage and we are in a good relationship, living in my partner (of over 4 years) owned house, both driving with good jobs; but I have always imagined a planned family mid 20s and I know my partner isn’t ready yet. I am on the pill and my partner always ‘pulls out’. Every month without fail I have period pains starting a week before I start, and this month apart from the little twinge here and there - nothing. I’m currently having investigations into possible endometriosis which has been queried since I begun menstruating at 12. Also coincidentally I am beginning this process because I knew if I did have endo I could struggle concieving in the future. Basically it only occurred to me a couple days back that my period was due soon and my pains hadn’t started. Also, this ulcer at the bottom of my gum is so so painful, as I described it to my partner “the worst mouth ulcer ever”. I’m due on today and almost never late. Then next I’m a severe insomniac and have been reliant on otc sleeping pills for over 12 months now, I fell asleep almost instantly on Monday night after my regular pills, slept right through, Tuesday I was going to get some pills but was so tired I didn’t leave the house and after having a cider (I don’t drink often btw) I managed to go to sleep without any other assistance for the first time since 2016. Wednesday we went out in the car and I was that tired I didn’t talk and found myself nearly falling asleep. I feel dizzy and a bit sick but not really ill as such. To top it off I’m being a proper mard arse, like I just feel really sad...or maybe I just feel weird... I don’t know...I have a bipolar so I was initially thinking I was going into a depressive episode but I’m on medication for that and don’t have such severe episodes any longer... Anyone have an idea? Or if it’s not a possible early pregnancy symptom what else could it possibly be?

Am I Pregnant?

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