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Cramps Cramps Cramps.

Hubby and I decided to TTC at the end of last month. We only managed to BD once this month because of him being away at work, but it was during the most fertile days according to my Ovia app. I haven't entertained the idea of falling pregnant after one BD but I'm having symptoms that are confusing the heck out of me and I'd love your opinions. - Ovia Fertile Days: 22nd July - 25th July - BD on 22nd July - Dull cramping ever since 25th July, pretty constant achy under-the-weather feeling. - EWCF with light pinkish blood on 27th July. - Horrendously bloated. I found myself cradling my stomach as if it was a baby bump already yesterday! - Went outwith friends on Saturday for a few drinks and felt horrible all night, bad aches and pains. - Woke up this morning with worst cramps yet, very like AF but over a week early. - It's 9am and I'm at my desk in work, doubled over in cramps and feeling very nauseous. I'm never nauseous. It's the 31st July and I'm not due AF until the 6th/7th August (I'm pretty clockwork with AF!) I have pregnancy tests at home but not sure if I should chance it, or just wait and see if AF comes next week. What do you think? (apologies if I post twice, I'm still finding my feet on this site and not sure if my last post worked or not!)

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