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Crazy cramping at 9dpo!

Each month, on average, I have a 28 day cycle. On that lovely 28th day, I will be woken up around 4-5AM to painfully miserable cramps, go put a tampon in, take some Aleve and try to go back to sleep. For the past few months, haven't been tracking because I was sick of it, just gonna let things run it's course. So this past Sunday I had minor cramps then like normal, severe cramping Monday morning. But no AF this time. Uhh? Then did the math and was getting the cramping about 5 days too soon. I've NEVER had day of intense cramping if AF wasn't showing up! Took a test this morning, BFN. Still getting very minor cramps on and off. Bbs tender but that's normal. No IB. Feeling "wet" since crazy cramping. Minor cramping yesterday and today, all on the right hand side. And now getting random lower back pains, same right side.
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