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This is my first month TTC #1. Never thought I would think about it SO MUCH but the TWW is AWFUL! I am a Nurse so I'm very in tune with my body, but probably also a symptom spotter. I don't temp, or use ovulation tests. I want to try not doing that stuff first. Therefore my DPO days are guesses. I've had many symptoms during the TWW but this is what stands out to me: 5-6DPO: weird fluttering (like a twitch) in my lower abdomen. NO it wasn't gas. The next few days VERY mild cramping, heaviness in my lower abdomen. 7-8DPO?:One morning I had a SHARP stabbing pain an inch or more below my belly button. Stopped me in my tracks. It was gone within 30 seconds or so. Same day I was VERY moody. Up until now (12DPOish): I've had some MINOR MINOR cramping almost everyday off and on. I usually don't cramp AT ALL until right when I am about to start and AF isn't due for another 2-3days. Also, I have NOT had sore boobs (like I normally due when AF is approaching), I don't feel emotional or moody like I normally do, and my face/chest are really clear. Normally I break out by now (I even had my eyebrows waxed and didn't break out- ODD for me). The only other thing I'd point out is maybe a heightened sense of smell? I thought my Vday flowers smelled like urine, and I walked into Target the other day to a serious smell of vomit.
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