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Cycle day 60 BFN...

First day of LMP was Oct. 29th, 2016. For past two months on day my period was due I got light pink spotting that lasted about 3 days. My cervix has been high and soft since beginning of November. My breasts have gotten bigger and are sore, areola's are definitely darker and bigger. I've now got bright blue veins running through my chest, breasts, nipples, armpits, down my abdomen and into my thighs. I've had lots of bloating and my lower abdomen feels very tight over this past week. I've taken several pregnancy tests all negative besides one test taken 2 weeks ago that I counted as evap line. Doctors office won't take a blood test unless positive urine test....I'm confused because I feel pregnant but tests are negative.....

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I feel ur pain hun...Ok so 19 days late... well technically completely missed my period coz only 5 days till next period but all tests done last week n week b4 neg... Lots of cm and lots of symptoms still.... backaches... tender boobies.... feels like my pelvis is coming out feels so heavy and achy... lower tum aches... Lots of hot flushes.... but still all tests neg. This TTC game ain't easy... keep us posted hun. 

Shelleyp161 it is such a stressful time to say the least. I know my body and have had 3 children already...I just feel very pregnant and just don't understand why tests are negative. Taking another test on Monday, today would be 9 weeks from first day lmp, hoping that I get that BFP finally. Yesterday I've noticed a major increase in thick creamy cm, hoping thats a good sign seeing how my lasst doctors visit they let me know its not STD or infection of some kind. Sounds like we are in the same boat and I pray for us both to get that BFP soon!! 

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