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Day 41 and no BFP?!

I'm so confused, I thought I would've seen a BFP by now, but not yet.
I'm still hopeful.
In July I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks, this was my second pregnancy. I have been lucky enough to become pregnant in the first month of TTC both times. I had my first AF since my miscarriage Aug 22. I have always had a regular cycle of 32-35 days.
We started TTC again this month.
Today is CD 41 with no BFP.
I felt a lot of symptoms a week ago, some remain, some have lessened a bit, but these symptoms I have only ever felt when pregnant.
It took a while to get a BFP with my second pregnancy (day 38).
Symptoms I have are:
Tingly nipples, very mild morning nausea and sensitive to smells, when out for dinner last night the smell of seafood was making me feel ill, and I threw up on the the way home and was feeling very nauseated again tonight, increased creamy white CM a bit stringy at times, bloating and gas, very light blood streaked CM on days 24, 25, 26, 27, headache and beyond exhausted, I have been sleeping 10-12 hours/night and having a lie down or nap most days as well, the tiredness has subsided slightly, I have been tracking my BBT as well and it continues to be elevated. I just keep hoping I'll see that BFP, but starting to doubt things. I had a blood test Friday, but haven't had the results yet, but again last time I had a negative blood test initially too.
I'm just not sure what to think and I'd really like to know before I go overseas for 3 weeks without hubby.

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