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Developing bfp or evaps

I’m not sure what dpo I am. Probably between 9-13. I have had light brown tinged cm for 6 days now no red or anything that requires a pad. I’ve taken 3 tests over the last 3 days. I’ve gotten a faint line the last two days but after the 10min time frame. So I’m not sure if I should just disregard. The only thing that makes me wondering is the line is darker today. I have a photo just don’t see how to upload

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Dry the suspect test completely. I'm pretty sure most POAS addicts are familiar with how to break a cassette to remove the strip, so I won't explain you don't have to take the strip out, but it will dry much faster if you do. Once the test is totally bone dry (DON'T use an external heat source to dry it. I've tried this and it produces a false line.) let it air dry au natural. Now that its dry: take a drop or two of water and drip onto the absorbent strip, onto the same spot where you deposited urine originally. This is where it will be interesting, particularly on very pee-stained tests. Watch as all the pee is "washed" through the test, past the test and control lines, and into the absorbent end. Notice how the control line is still bright red??? Ya. That's because the dye DOESN'T wash off like the pee. Same for the test line!! You should be left with a pristinely white, moist test. If indeed it was an evap line, the test will look negative. Because you've "washed off" the stains, and additionally, re moistened what is possibly simply a dried out control line which can also produce a strong Evap line. If however, it is dye that caught your eye- well- it should be even easier to see now. I can't vouch for the perfection in this method, but I DO know for a fact that you can't wash the pink line off a truly positive test. If anyone tries this method, please let me know how it goes! They're used tests anyways, so what've you got to lose?

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