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Different symptoms that the other months


First off, I'm sorry if this is in a similar thread. I thought I would make a new one because symptoms are specific to each person and vary.

Here's the deal:

Every other month we have been ttc that have ended in my period, I had ALL the symptoms. Especially specific to cramping. In previous months, I would get actual period cramping on and off. Like actual moments of "oh gosh, those cramps kind hurt". I note it down in my period tracker app and carry on.

THIS month is very different. I have had no cramping. Yes, pokes, pricks and throbs targeted to either the left side ovary area or right. But no actual period cramping.

On top of that, there has been no other time in my life, except when I was pregnant with out son, that I experienced morning sickness. Like not the feeling that you might throw up, but the actual dull constant nausea that is morning sickness. Like, when I had morning sickness with my son (only for the first month of my pregnancy), it was terrible, obviously, but those moments when the actual sea sick nausea calms down but you're still left with this constant dull nausea... that's what I have been having on and off for days. I do not have the flu.

I know there are SO MANY symptoms that we can come down with, pre-pregnancy or PMS related. And with all my time trying to conceive or following these boards, I have learnt that you can't really follow by "symptoms" because there are so many linked to PMS as well. So this is more for the ladies who remember having specific symptoms like.. no cramping at all or absolute nausea that wasn't associated with flu or food or life..

Am I looking good? Anyone else have these 2 major things before BFP? OR anyone have nausea like this before period arrived??

Thanks in advance!!

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