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Do You Guys Think I Can Be Preggo!!!!!

Hi everyone my name is Monique, I'm new to this but I'm going to keep it short and sweet! I am now 8dpo and I ovulated on Aug 13. as I am going by my period predictor app. Since 2dpo I've been having leg aches like I've been working out. I noticed on 4 or 5dpo I had some intense stomach cramping, It literally felt like I've been punched in my stomach. on 6,7dpo my lower back was killing me. Back pain was my first sign when I was preggers with my twins. I also had lotion like cm that smell a little like vinegar and some light cramps here and there on 7dpo. I know pms and pregnancy symptoms can be very similar but It is not normal for be to have any muscle aches or cramps a week and a half before my period. I would only get those symptoms 3 days before my period or the day of. My period is not due until another week(7days). I feel little twigs here and there in my breast but nothing major other then 3dpo I had a lightning shoot feeling in one of them but It only lasted one second. Oh and to mention I had what I believe to be a pulling feeling in my uterus on 6dpo but I'm not so sure, Ive never had that feeling before, but It was weird. I don't check my temps or anything like that. AS or right now the leg aches have calmed down thank you lord, and my back ache just went away literally 1 hour ago. I never had a problem with nausea it usually doesn't start until 5 or 6 weeks for me(I have 4 little ones ages 7,3,3,2). This is our second month me and DH are TTC. Your comments, and advice is greatly appreciated.

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