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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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Do you think I am pregnant and when should I test??

Okay so DF and I are NTNP at the moment and DTD during my fertile window and so far this is what's happened.
1-3DPO- still lots of CM, nothing really out of the ordinary
4-6 DPO- tender breasts, still plenty of CM, headaches
7 & 8 DPO- bbs are VERY tender, body felt kind of achey? Headaches (mild and don't last very long but on and off throughout the day), and I had a little dizzy spell

9 DPO- my symptoms are kinda the same as yesterday except I was nauseous this morning and had a little twinge in the left side of my lower abdomen and I had felt ovulation pain on my O day.

I'm not sure what to think. I'm now 10 DPO (approximately) and so far I haven't felt anything besides my tender boobs and still kind of aches and now a little congested...

What do y'all think and when should I take a test? I'm hoping for a BFP!

Am I Pregnant?

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