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Do you think I could be pregnant?

I am not sure if I am pregnant or not. I recently had my coil taken a few days before my ovulation. After it was taken out the next day my husband and I had sex day before my ovulation and during my ovulation and a few days after too. My period is meant to come on 24th May so I am just waiting to see if I am or not. But for days now I have been getting headaches, slight nausea, boobs feeling heavy and sore, metal taste in my mouth and smelling strange smells too. I could be wrong as it could be PMS signs of my period coming. Today the whole day I have had bad cramps in the centre of my womb, I felt dizzy too and when I was walking up the stairs I had a strange feeling inside my womb, it felt like something bounce up and down. When I was pregnant with my first daughter that is exactly what I felt with her before I found out I was pregnant. Thats why I am thinking I might be pregnant I am not sure but like I said it could be signs my period is coming too. What does everyone else think? and does anyone else experience these symptoms?
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Am I Pregnant?


I’m just taking it all in as have been TTC for ages so it’s really wonderful but also incredibly nerve wracking too! I have also been having similar AF like pains. It’s like AF is just about to start. Have cramps in my tummy and legs and I keep thinking that's it AF is sadly here with the usual cramping. Every hour I get through is a bonus! I feel exactly like you and am desperate to tell my friends and family but am worried about the lack of sickness. Sore boobs and all standard symptoms of pregnancy but the lovely MN ladies are so reassuring and have told me lack of symptoms seem to be fine so that's good. Relief! I'm hoping that my AF cramping symptoms are normal too - apart from those and the terrible insomnia. Am officially a walking zombie. Those are the only ones I’m getting. Congrats to us both. I thought I would NEVER in a million years get it so am ecstatic. I feel in exactly the same situation as you. Am really dreading that. When are you testing with this?

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